Horrifying Results of Bullying

June 2, 2013 in Life and Times



In recent years we’ve seen more evidence of the tragic outcomes of adolescent depression and self destructive behavior of children caused by torment at the hand of their peers.  This has resulted in many campaigns, new policies and advertising aimed at stopping bullying (cyber or any other kind) in schools.  Even an “Anti-Bullying Day” has been created. It is a day celebrated during the last Wednesday of the month February in Canada, which originally started as a protest against a bullying incident at a Nova Scotia high school (Central Kings Rural High School). On this day, people participate wear pink to symbolize a stand against bullying. Read below about some terrible and avoidable results of teens and pre-teens being bullied.

Felicia Garcia was a young girl from Staten Island new york who felt she was left with no other option but suicide after her school mates tormented her by circulation vicious rumors about her. Here is a screen shot of her last tweet ever which showed her dispair.garcia_tweet

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Gabrielle Molina was a 12 year old middle school student who committed suicide by hanging herself inside her family’s Queens Village NY home.  The note left behind was one of apology to her family and a vague explination of what lead her to do what she did, apparently a victim of bullying from a classmate become to much for the young girl to take.


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Karen Ward was an 11 year old girl from Albuquerque NM, who was found by her parents after hanging her self in her home.  The young girl may have suffered from mental illness that went unnoticed by her family.






We don’t often notice the result that ridicule will have on others and young people are even less aware of those effects. As a middle school teacher I often advised the students on the difference between harmless jokes and making fun of someone.  Children and teens may be mean and often purposely so but they cannot possibly understand that the outcome of this type of behavior might have. The idea that kids will be kids needs is wrong, the stories above clearly show that kids have taken a measure that should not be an option for anyone let alone a young person.