A Revolution as Dangerous as the Social Media One

May 22, 2013 in Media & Tech

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Some technologies are around for quite a while before people actually find practical uses for them i.e. the Internet.  3D printing is a technology though around for a while has benefited from new applications and new price tags. And like any great new technology it has the potential to put big companies and thousands of workers out of business.  There is currently a concern that people may begin using these “Anything Boxes” to create guns and even other weapons.  Peace driven inventors are now even testing these devices to replicate food, actual, edible food.

Here’s the 3d Printed Gun

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Below are a few items 3D printers have been used to create.

3d_printed_dress shoes_on_feet_large_verge_medium_landscape 2013-03-06T202354Z_2_CBRE92513QF00_RTROPTP_2_3D-PRINTING xl_3Atom_3D_printed_guitar_624