CIA Hitman Gets Respect in Federal Prison

May 30, 2013 in News


A former CIA operative who has been sent to jail for disclosing classified information to the press writes a letter from prison explaining his experiences.

His letter goes as follows:

“I’ve also had some luck in this regard. My reputation preceded me, and a rumor got started that I was a CIA hit man. The Aryans whispered that I was a “Muslim hunter,” but the Muslims, on the strength of my Arabic language skills and a well-timed statement of support from Louis Farrakhan have lauded me as a champion of Muslim human rights. Meanwhile the Italians have taken a liking to me because I’m patriotic, as they are, and I have a visceral dislike of the FBI, which they do as well. I have good relations with the blacks because I’ve helped several of them write commutation appeals or letters to judges and I don’t charge anything for it. And the Hispanics respect me because my cellmates, who represent a myriad of Latin drug gangs, have told them to. So far, so good.”

John Kiriako was sent to prison for dislosing the name of a covert CIA operative to the press as well as bringing to light several illegal interrogation techniques used by the agency.

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