Pacers Mean Business

May 30, 2013 in Sports


The Indiana Pacers have shown that if the Miami Heat want to reach the NBA Finals they must take them seriously. With the series now tied 2-2 after the Pacers overcame a deficit with 3 minutes left in the game and looked more like a polish team then the champs and easily could have been 3-1 in favor of the Pacers, now heading back to Miami for a critical game five where the winner of the fifth game has gone on to win the series 82% of the time. The stellar defense by Indiana has been frustrating to the Heat as well as the play of Roy Hibbert, Paul George, and the supporting cast of the Pacers. With no real help for Lebron James, the importance of this up coming game their is no room for James to leave anything on the floor. He must dominate for 48 minutes and that might just not be enough, the Pacers are a real contender who seem not be intimidated by the defending champs or the big stage that awaits them with a victory in the eastern conference finals.