A Deserving Champion.

July 9, 2013 in Sports


There is no one more deserving of a championship let alone a Wimbledon victory then England’s own Andy Murray, who has justly or unjustly carried the burden of futility of past Englishman to end the 77 year drought. This was an epic, hard fought three set victory over Novak Djokovic one of his main rivals and was defeated by Murray in last years US Open. Andy showed reckless abandonment with his body, rained in aces, forehand winners that could be heard across the pond, and forced Djokovic into 40 unforced errors the last giving Murray his most sort after win. As the crowed roared at Centre Court and all over England, there was a special showing of pride from the community of Dunblane, Scotland the home town of Murray that was the site of a horrific elementary school massacre in 1996 also witnessed and survived by Andy. This victory, in a sense wasn’t just for England but for his home town, the lives lost, and the survivors. They are now rejoicing with Murray after a long journey which tested his grit, resolve, and perseverance. I also guess we all share in your lose, pain, and victory, thank you Andy Murray for showing us how to be a true champion and better human beings.

Silva Vs. Weidman

July 9, 2013 in Sports


The reign of Anderson Silva, arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, came to a crashing end at the hands of undefeated new comer Chris Weidman. Now everyone loves the underdog from a small town, who in all accounts seems very humble and deserving of being middleweight champion. For some reason theirs a bad taste left in my mouth and I think its the same for fans of Silva, was it the abundance of showboating that did the former champion in, did he not take the striking punch of Weidman seriously? I won’t even entertain the rumors spreading that Anderson Silva may have thrown the fight, if true forever tarnishing his and UFC reputation. Let’s give Chris his do; he came, conquered his opportunity, and hopefully taught all fighters and especially  future fighters that you must always respect your opponent as well as your craft. Silva vs. Weidman 2??

The Era of Lebron

July 9, 2013 in Sports


As the NBA season closes with the Miami Heat repeating as champions, led by Mr. James and company, one can say he had a very good year. With Olympic Gold already around his neck, a stellar cast including free agent pickup Ray Allen (sorry Spurs fans), a 27 game winning streak, and a finals closing performance for the ages I guess the old adage the rich get richer maybe true. As the association embarks on the three year anniversary of “The Decision” guess Lebron knew what he was doing after all, with his legacy on the line, mastering of his game on and off the court, the jump from Cleveland to South Beach looks like it brought the best out of him. This doesn’t bold well for the rest of the league as Lebron is compared to MJ, fairly or unfairly what is true is Jordan’s dominance of basketball started at the same age 28. So beware Durant, Rose, and Anthony you may just end up like hall of famers’ Malone, Barkley, and Ewing to name a few who unfortunately played basketball in the era of Jordan and went title-less. There is only a small window of hope for some players as The Decision 2.0 looms around the corner, maybe James makes the jump to help one of them out and further solidify his greatness. One can dream.

Miami Bounces back

June 17, 2013 in Sports


In a show of resilience the Miami Heat bounce back in game 4 of the finals with true championship grit. Led back with the reemergence of Dwayne Wade, who dominated the second half and showed the San Antonio Spurs why he is nicknamed “Flash”, and a former finals MVP. Also contributing was Lebron James who had his first 30 plus game of the finals. The 2/3 of the big three shelled out a combined 60pt, followed by Chris Bosh 20 plus points if they continue to play like this the Spurs will have their hands full. The big three of the Spurs didn’t show up for this game, Danny Green continued his hot shooting from beyond the arch on pace for a finals record of 3 pointers made. If San Antonio is going to win this series now headed to at least game six in Miami the superstars need to help the rising stars of the spurs.

Make It Rain.

June 17, 2013 in Sports


Game 3 of the NBA Finals became a exercise of 3 point shooting, as the San Antonio Spurs put up an epic display. After the Miami Heat blow game 2 open finishing with a 20 plus point victory one could wonder how the Spurs would respond and respond they did. Lead by Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal combining for an NBA record 16 three pointers in the 36 point victory, giving the big 3 of the spurs plenty of rest and show casing the young talent the Spurs posses for game 4. The Miami heat will have to rely more on Lebron James to impose his will after a lack luster performance from him and his supporting cast. With the next two games in the AT&T Center the prize of the Naismith championship looks promising for the San Antonio Spurs.

Has Serena Peaked?

June 10, 2013 in Sports

Serena with her French Open trophies, in 2002 and 2013


The French Open ended with a familiar champion who hasn’t won at Rolland Garros in 11 years. This victory in straight sets against long time nemesis if you can even call Maria Sharapova that, the latter not earning a victory in there last 13 head to head match lost this round 6-4, 6-4. As both players gave it there all grunt after grunt to the amusement of the crowed, it was the worlds number 1 ranked female Serena Williams who was victorious, redeeming herself after a shocking loss to a upper one hundred ranked opponent in last years French Open. At her press conference Serena was asked “Would you retire from tennis now at your peak” Serena simply replied “Have I reached my peak?”, being the second oldest women tennis player to win a major at a young 31 ( Martina Navratilova 33yrs old) and her second career grand slam victory why should she retire? After a great past year with victories at Wimbledon, US Open, Gold in England, and a 31 unbeaten match streak looks like this Williams sister has a lot left in the tank.

8 Is Not Enough.

June 10, 2013 in Sports


As Rafeal Nadal wins his record 8th French Open Championship at Roland Garros, also a record for any one grand slam event in straight sets over David Ferrer he has put the tennis world on notice that he is back from a year of injuries and missed events. With a strong forehand and an even tougher backhand that gives even Nadal’s toughest opponents Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic sleepless nights and David Ferrer stood no chance. The master of clay court matches with a record of 59-1 Nadal is clearly unbeatable in France, not with standing Wimbledon, the US Open are on the horizon where the grass courts haven’t been as friendly and his long time foes await him ready to test his physical as well as his mental toughness to truly gauge if Rafi the Spaniard is really back. Men’s tennis is at its best when the three of Federer, Djkovic, and Nadal are at their best, with a lack of supreme American talent to challenge them or even rally the fans we look to the golden men to keep the sport going and the ratings high.

Tale of Two Halves!

June 10, 2013 in Sports


Game two between the Spurs and the Heat was a tale of two halves, as the Spurs went toe to toe with the champs over two quarters and a half. Until three minutes left in the third quarter when the Heat went on a tear rarely seen in an NBA Finals, a 23 point run finishing on a 33-5 massacre of San Antonio. Culminating in coach Popovich benching his big 3 who didn’t show up for this game, Miami’s Big 3 played well and got much need support from their reserve players on offense and defense. Now with games 3-5 moving to Texas it will be interesting to see if history will repeat its self as the Heat took care of the Oklahoma Thunder after losing game one becoming world champions, or will the Spurs take advantage of home court, a split in Miami that they could live with, and anything they could have learned from this blowout lost in turning this series back to their favor.


June 7, 2013 in Sports


Game one of the NBA Finals belonged to the San Antonio Spurs, a game that went down to the wire and became an instant classic. The Spurs featuring their Big 3 vs. the Heat Big 3 got the better of the latter in statistics and on the final out come, with stellar play from Duncan, Ginobili, and game wining shot by Tony Parker the Spurs showed the world that an aging team can play with the young guns of the eastern conference. The Heat lead by Lebron James with his triple double put up a valiant effort, his supporting cast of Bosh, Wade left room for questioning as this series continues will they be able to give King James the help he needs. As game two approaches the Heat must remember the Spurs don’t beat themselves and the Spurs need to keep in mind the last two finals the eventual champion has lost game one.

Closer Fails To Close The Door.

June 5, 2013 in Sports


After a truly amazing sweep of the Yankees, a mediocre series with the Florida Marlins, the New York Mets let a strong pitching performance by Jeremy Hefner go to waste. Run production was scarce in this game as the Washington Nationals also had a dominating pitching performance by their starter Ryan Zimmerman. With the Mets lead going into the bottom of the ninth inning and their all star caliber closer on the mound in Bobby Parnell the lead felt safe. The Nationals had other ideas, they had timely hitting that the Mets lacked, took advantage of an off night and wildness by Parnell culminating in a walk off sacrifice fly 3-2 victory for the Nationals. With the All-star game a month away marking the mid point of the season, the arrival of phenom Zack Wheeler, the Mets need to first string victories together before they start tallying all-star votes and roster spots are lost.

Finals goes through Miami.

June 4, 2013 in Sports


The outcome of game 7 was never in doubt, as the Miami Heat lead not only on the scoreboard throughout the game but also in tempo. The Indiana Pacers put up a valiant effort to even force the series to reach a possible upset, but with the defending champions only a few hours away from tasting their 3rd consecutive NBA Finals appearance they left no room for second guessing. Now the finals runs through south beach, with short rest the heat will find out if the added rest is needed or over rated or that continuous play is the way to go. As the stars come out to south beach to welcome the San Antonio Spurs, this finals will bring together two different styles of play, coaching ideology, fan bases making this a very interesting if not epic NBA finals match up.

Roy Hibbert Curses and Uses Gay Slurs During Post Game Interview

June 3, 2013 in Sports

YouTube Preview Image

MIAMI (AP) — Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert was fined $75,000 on Sunday by the NBA for using a gay slur and cursing during his news conference after Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Hibbert also apologized for the comments. Read More

Pacers Mean Business

May 30, 2013 in Sports


The Indiana Pacers have shown that if the Miami Heat want to reach the NBA Finals they must take them seriously. With the series now tied 2-2 after the Pacers overcame a deficit with 3 minutes left in the game and looked more like a polish team then the champs and easily could have been 3-1 in favor of the Pacers, now heading back to Miami for a critical game five where the winner of the fifth game has gone on to win the series 82% of the time. The stellar defense by Indiana has been frustrating to the Heat as well as the play of Roy Hibbert, Paul George, and the supporting cast of the Pacers. With no real help for Lebron James, the importance of this up coming game their is no room for James to leave anything on the floor. He must dominate for 48 minutes and that might just not be enough, the Pacers are a real contender who seem not be intimidated by the defending champs or the big stage that awaits them with a victory in the eastern conference finals.

On To The Finals

May 30, 2013 in Sports


The San Antonio Spurs with a decisive victory in game four ensuring the sweep of the Memphis Grizzles, move on to their Fifth NBA Finals appearance in the last fourteen years. To some this appears to be the final run for the original big three of Duncan, Ginobili, Parker with age and the landscape of the NBA changing the Spurs seek to attain their fifth championship in franchise history. They now patiently await their next opponent either the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers, whichever team they will face the story lines for this finals are sure to be epic as well as the series.

Miami Dominates In Indiana.

May 27, 2013 in Sports


The Miami Heat not only arrived to take a 2-1 lead in the eastern conference finals, but also dominated in away that might just have knocked some of the thunder out of the Pacers sails. Lebron James came with a mission to take control of the game and maybe the series from the post position, where Paul George wasn’t able to guard him for 48 minutes. If this is the new strategy for the Heat even with Roy Hibbert in the game the Pacers are in trouble. With game four on the horizon the Pacers must rely on their defense, toughness, explosion of rising star George to get back in this series, and force the Heat to return back to Indiana for a game six.

Win One More.

May 27, 2013 in Sports


With the San Antonio Spurs up 3-0, the spurs can see the NBA Finals in there reach. Memphis Grizzles have suffered some tough loses in this series which could have easily turned this series in their favor. With 117 teams in the history of the Association facing this situation and never coming back, it looks like this night will be the last for Memphis and the beginning of another title run for San Antonio.

Another Thriller

May 26, 2013 in Sports


The Miami Heat faced a tough challenge in game two of Eastern Conference Finals, an lost to the Indiana Pacers in regulation. The heat are in for along series or a short one if they not careful, the pacers mean business and with the series now tied 1-1 going back to Indiana where pacers are near unbeatable. This is surely going to be an epic game three, which may decide the outcome of the series.

Thriller in Miami

May 24, 2013 in Sports

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Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals with Miami Heat versus Indiana Pacers went down to the wire, literally. The Pacers showed great grit throughout the game, forcing the Heat to play their type of physical basketball, rebounding, and defense. With timely shots, Indiana was able to force overtime only to witness why Miami is not just another team. They fought back and matched the pacers shot for shot and in the end King Lebron showed why he is the best player on the court closing out the game and breaking the hearts of Indiana players and fans with a buzzer beater layup. From the looks of game one, this series very well may shape up to be an epic finals match.

What the summer holds.

May 21, 2013 in Sports



The New York Knicks after losing to the Indiana Pacers, most now decide what kind of team they will have next season. With aging over paid athletes on the payroll can the Knicks afford to go into the 2013-2014 NBA season with the same roster. As the Big Three in Boston from all looks will be at full strength, the south eastern Big Three posed to make an NBA finals run not going anywhere, teams next season getting star players back, and keeping their playoff lineups in tact the future doesn’t look to promising for Mr. Anthony. Withe free agency on the horizon can the Knicks land Dwight Howard or Chris Paul some interesting salary maneuvers will have to be considered and attempted. That is the only way to keep Knicks basketball relevant an not rely on because your team plays in New York, we will be watching Mr. Dolan.

Time To Take Care Of Business.

May 17, 2013 in Sports



As game two approaches, the San Antonio Spurs need to continue what they did in game one dominating the Memphis Grizzles up and down the hardwood. Any type of support from Manu Ginobili and the Grizzles are doomed, the Spurs sixth man had a lackluster first game. Speaking of lackluster Zack Randolph the lone superstar on the Grizzles cannot afford a game like he had the other night. When he was held scoreless thru three quarters and his teammates looking for him to be the spark to start a run that never game. Game two tonight San Antonio sends a message that it’s their time or Memphis makes a statement that this will be a series.

Don’t Cry For Me Chicago.

May 16, 2013 in Sports


No tears should be shed for the Chicago Bulls, who were eliminated by the Miami Heat in 5 games. The depleted Bulls played this series with real disdain for the Heat only to continue to fall short after a surprise victory in the opening round of the Eastern Semi Finals. The defending champs were in the end too much to contend with, if anything can be taken into the up coming off season for the Bulls is that if this squad gave Miami this much problems “Wait until next year” when they have a full roster. Chicago showed the rest of the teams remaining in the playoffs that the Heat can be beaten after all, their king Xerxes or even that scary guy from Iron Man 2, they put enough dents in the Heat armor waiting for some team to come along and finish the job. Which won’t be easy after all Miami showed why they have the best player in the playoffs and the mental toughness to advance to their third consecutive Eastern Finals.

Woe to OKC

May 16, 2013 in Sports


As the chapter closed last night on the good season the Oklahoma Thunder had, one can only wonder how it could have been great. The lost of star play Westbrook didn’t guarantee a series victory, the Memphis Grizzles were a 56 win team after all but with so many close games one can only wonder if to much was asked of Kevin Durant? Was the trade of fan favorite, sixth man of the year Harden really the right move? The second guessing has begun, now it’s time for that dreaded slogan “Wait till next year”

Will The real Kevin Durant please stand up?

May 11, 2013 in Sports

Oklahoma Thunder lost game two last night, not because of lack of effort but on the merits that Batman (Kevin Durant) is missing his Robin (Russell Westbrook). For all those who think KD can carry a team by himself were given a rude awaking by the Houston Rockets and their collection of team first players. When the aging Derick Fisher is the second leading scorer on a team full of talented 20 something’s there is a problem that OKC needs to address. Lacking the help his perennial Allstar provides, Durant’s killer instinct has to be called into question, is it on par with with Mr. Bryant, King James, or dare I even say Manu? These two rounds of NBA Playoff games have been by far the most exciting in recent memory, names are being created, talent level showcased to another level, and hearts being broken. It would be an interesting story line if exiled James Harden is able to carry his team past his former team and the only other superstar able to lay claim to the best in the league. Will the real Kevin Durant please stand up?

The Amazing Mets Win.

May 9, 2013 in Sports


With timely hitting, strong starting pitching, defense, and relief help the New York Mets win with a walk off base hit in the bottom of the ninth. The hero Mike Baxter deserves the shaving cream in the face, it has been an up and down season so far for the amazing’s. So with a little grit from the batting lineup game to game will go along way, strong leadership from your star player, solid inning eaters, and the Mets may just have a better record then the Florida Marlins.

The Warriors Come Out To Play.

May 9, 2013 in Sports



The Golden State Warriors showed the world, that game 1 dominance wasn’t a fluke. Led by Mr.Curry an yes he is starting to earn that title and the rising star of Clay Thompson they silenced the San Antonio fans, some critics who said they weren’t ready with steady play throughout the game and especially in crunch time. If the Spurs game plan is to let Curry get his they must find away to contain Thompson who has become a very good second option to stretch Popovich’s team thin.

Bulls Get The Finger

May 9, 2013 in Sports


Not only did the Chicago Bulls not show up last night, their lack luster performance was the equivalent of giving the finger to their fans. No better show of it than the Miami Heat fan who let Joakim Noah know exactly what was on her mind. The Heat ran a clinic on the Bulls, that had the making of a Varsity vs. JV inter squad game, practice for the seniors and the youngsters looked just in awe to be in the same gym. After playing their hearts out in game 1 the bulls took the night off and the heat went to work dominating every aspect of game 2. They showed why they are to be feared in the playoffs and when determined they look to be unbeatable. Whether inside or outside the King orchestrated the nights events like no other, took no prisoners and sent the Bulls back home to contemplate how much longer will this series last. At this rate the Chicago fans maybe the ones next showing their emotions on the hardwood.

How the Young Have Fallen.

May 7, 2013 in Sports

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The Golden State Warriors, the darlings of these NBA Playoffs looked real good for 44 minutes last night. While the San Antonio Spurs looked their age. The Warriors ran circles around them, Stephen Curry lived up to his Pistol Pete Maravich qualities, electrifying and stunning the home crowd, with passes threaded in a fine needle, shots from near half court that would have made Reggie Miller proud. But just like all Cinderella’s the clock struck midnight and the night began to unravel leading well into the early morning. The Spurs showed why experience trumps youth. The ageless Spurs were consistent, Duncan reliable, Parker forever the floor General, and Ginobili the show stopper. While the Warriors stumbled to regain themselves and stumbled again, the inexperience of this type of playoff pressure and lack of complete chemistry with teammates did the Warriors in. It’s interesting to see how the young lions will react or will the grizzled veterans have their way?

Chi Town takes it to the Champs

May 7, 2013 in Sports



With the absence of Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls arrive to Miami and take game 1. Not a complete shocker the Bulls have played the Heat throughout the season with lack of fear. If the defending champs want to advance in these playoffs they must find an answer for Nate Robinson’s energy, Joakim Noah’s relentlessness, a team that is playing with a chip on their shoulders with a real destain for the Big 3. Imagine if they had their superstar player, but then again would the story line be as interesting?

Matchup in Jeopardy??

May 6, 2013 in Sports


The Knicks face their biggest competition, in the Indiana Pacers. You say really Triple Threat, why is that?? Well the Knick nation has their eyes set on the Eastern Conference Finals and a matchup with The Miami Heat but let’s be realistic for a moment. The Boston Celtics set in motion the defense that is being played against the Knicks and especially concerning their star player Carmelo Anthony. With the victory in game one by the Pacers one can’t help but see the similarities to the last series, and if these Knicks want to envision a grander stage to showcase their talents. It’s starts here, in round two not with Melo but his supporting cast, who can’t afford to show their age, immaturity, and inability to take the pressure off their star. Not just in the sense of points which never hurt but through mental toughness which in the NBA Playoff can carry mediocre teams to dream big and this Knicks team is far from mediocre. As the wise Stephen A. Smith says “Big plays by big-time players in big-time games”.

The Association

April 29, 2013 in Sports


As Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards, sets the sports world upside down all I ask is, has he really? With 42 The Jackie Robinson movie in theaters, congress having heard arguments on Defense Of Marriage Act, and legalization of gay marriage are we surprised that an athlete has come out publicly about his sexual preference. Hasn’t sports mirrored societies changing climate faster then the majority or laws would like. It seems like just yesterday Brittney Griner came out that she was gay and I don’t think ESPN or CNN for that matter covered it in mass. Is this a mark for civil rights or gender equality, will the doubters naturally say yeah he came out but we need a star athlete to justify this movement. Well I say thank you Jason no matter what the motives were for sharing your personal life with the world, we all know it took a lot of courage in the face of the culture of the sport you play in. Maybe just maybe your mark will not only be felt in the “Association” but in the AAU leagues, college universities, homes where you have become the first to take the spotlight. The hard slide into second base, the refusal to give your seat up on the bus, so someone else won’t have to face it alone. Their will be a time when like now we can say there is things we take for granted and one day this too will fall into a footnote in time as we continue to grow as a society an new barriers arise to be challenged. History will be thanking you for reminding everyone that your not Jason Collins That basketball player, your just Jason Collins who happened to play basketball.


Kevin Durant time to shine

April 28, 2013 in Sports


Kevin Durant, or KD as the kids like to call him has just showed the world that he may just be the best player in the league. If he is able to carry his franchise not only to another NBA finals but to win it for OKC, then the argument has to begin. Who is the real king of the NBA? He would have done it without orchestrating a hostile takeover of free agency, without his Robin who is out for the playoffs, with a team not as deep, and through a more difficult conference. Well two months to go, what if, what if King terranchala has a nice ring to it..

Knicks lose: The unraveling begins?

April 28, 2013 in Sports


Looks like the Knicks lost a tough one today. Wonder if JR. Smith would have made a difference? For all his talent he still has a lot of maturing to do. He’s maybe one of the best 6th men in the Association but he let his team down today. Not for miss a game winning shot off balance or for that matter taking as many shots as he does, where he let them down was by not being on the court. For not begin Robin to Carmelo Anthony Batman, against even a weaken Boston Celtics team full of veterans who know what blood in the water smells like, the Knicks and Mr.Smith better hope they haven’t let one get away and make the destination to MIA a little bit harder. Carmelo is counting on this season as his crowning moment and wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was on the same page.

AL East up for grabs!!

April 28, 2013 in Sports


Looks like this season is shaping up to be a classic run to the finish line. Now granted the baseball season is early and the baseball Gods seem to have a twisted sense of humor come September. With the hot start of the Red Sox, the Yankees consistency, Baltimore making a push for respectability in back to back seasons. Even with Tampa getting off to a slow start and Toronto not gelling it’s sure to be an interesting American League East battle for seeding.

Local kid makes good.

April 22, 2013 in Sports

They say it’s not where you from but where your going that matters. But isn’t it a little bit more sweeter when the local kid, the underdog makes good. Titus Williams of Elmont, New York, not only over came a previous opponent who already had a victory over him ( Rocky), put on a performance that can inspire future generations (Hoosiers) to not only pick up boxing as a sport but that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Isn’t that the true essence an beauty of sports that any moment records can be broken, a new champion can be crowned. Theirs something special, even magical about amateur sports that feeds the soul and the longing for something untainted that brings joy to the masses that professional leagues have lost over time. So as the dust settles, the crowd dwindles down, the what next process proceeds for the Champ, we as society always looking for the next best thing should savor this moment. For I believe Titus Williams has undoubtedly the love and respect of his family and friends, a strong faith background, a good head on his shoulders, and the admiration of his Long Island community. This package in one athlete comes if we’re lucky once in  a lifetime, so let’s not be so hasty to find the next Golden child, let alone the right Golden Gloves champion. The Champ and the sport deserves at least that much from us.

To learn more about this amazing athlete:  http://shar.es/JIlSl

Future of the Mets.

April 19, 2013 in Sports

What it is to be a Mets fan, facing the biggest elephant in the room. We as fans deserve more than standing with the perplexed look of which way do we go. Are they a big market team or settling to just be a team in a big market? ’86 feels like along time ago, the grass was greener, the air a little fresher, gas a whole lot cheaper and those boys across town didn’t seem so tough.The hunger grows year after year. If not for a championship (please baby Jesus) we would settle for a concrete direction.

Kobe Who? Can this be Dwight Howard’s time to shine?

April 18, 2013 in Sports

Can the Los Angeles Lakers say thank you to the Utah Jazz. With the Jazz losing earlier in the night, the lakers we guaranteed a playoff birth, with a victory over the Houston Rockets they actually improved their playoff position. Moving up to the 7th seed facing the formidable San Antonio Spurs. This postseason Howard hopes to put the Lakers on his broad shoulders and try to prove he can not only step in The Black Mamba’s shoes but those of Laker great big men. If your like me I think he won’t show up, the pressure and the overall greatness of the Spurs who have something to prove this year will stifle any imagined glory by any member of the Los Angeles franchise. So let’s wait and see just as Mr. Bean Bryant is doing, hoping a mess isn’t made of all the hard work he put in this season.

Only Fitting!!

April 18, 2013 in Sports

Boston Bruins win, following the events that rocked the nation at the Boston marathon. Which shows what sports truly embodies at lest for a night. As salaries get ridiculous year after year, records and names tarnished with HGH, and loose references to war and battle to describe a child’s game. We see on this night the real essence of sports played by grown men, the game for a brief moment serves us as a distraction from day to day worries, sorrows, and numbness. The people of Boston and all the families who are victims won’t forget the blatant disregard for life shown to us. But as the fans sang the National Anthem we remember why we are Americans, why we won’t flinch at acts of cowardliness, why we salute the flag, and our brave men and women in service. This night became an event to remember and unite, the victory was just a bonus.

Dynasty building a lost art in the NBA.

April 15, 2013 in Sports


The model for NBA excellence over the last 10yrs plus has been the San Antonio Spurs. Why would any other franchise hate you ask? Well if your definition of excellence is winning 4 NBA titles (one coming at the expense of the “King), multiple Division crowns, playoff contention every year in the dominate western conference, producing Hall of Fame players, consistently finding bargain players who turn out to be gems, and mix in for kicks a head coach with moxie who isn’t afraid to bench his stars players gaining their undivided loyalty and admiration a la Joe Carroll (without the violence). I can see why the Dolan’s, Sterlings of the world would role there eyes and snicker when the cameras are away. This playoff season would have us believe that the drive for 2,3,4,5,6,7 lies in Miami, that the youth in OKC, the other LA team, or dare I say the Knickerbocker’s will be the driving postseason stories. I say let them have it after all money can’t buy everything, youthfulness without true direction, remake of an 80’s classic “Showtime” just doesn’t do it like the original, and the pressure of the big Apple may just be to much to take a bit out of. So as we embark on this thrilling journey we will find out if slow and steady really wins the race or if in a David Stern world big markets with supers stars monopolizing the game will be his overshadowing legacy or the leagues new quick fix.