Dynasty building a lost art in the NBA.

April 15, 2013 in Sports


The model for NBA excellence over the last 10yrs plus has been the San Antonio Spurs. Why would any other franchise hate you ask? Well if your definition of excellence is winning 4 NBA titles (one coming at the expense of the “King), multiple Division crowns, playoff contention every year in the dominate western conference, producing Hall of Fame players, consistently finding bargain players who turn out to be gems, and mix in for kicks a head coach with moxie who isn’t afraid to bench his stars players gaining their undivided loyalty and admiration a la Joe Carroll (without the violence). I can see why the Dolan’s, Sterlings of the world would role there eyes and snicker when the cameras are away. This playoff season would have us believe that the drive for 2,3,4,5,6,7 lies in Miami, that the youth in OKC, the other LA team, or dare I say the Knickerbocker’s will be the driving postseason stories. I say let them have it after all money can’t buy everything, youthfulness without true direction, remake of an 80’s classic “Showtime” just doesn’t do it like the original, and the pressure of the big Apple may just be to much to take a bit out of. So as we embark on this thrilling journey we will find out if slow and steady really wins the race or if in a David Stern world big markets with supers stars monopolizing the game will be his overshadowing legacy or the leagues new quick fix.