The Era of Lebron

July 9, 2013 in Sports


As the NBA season closes with the Miami Heat repeating as champions, led by Mr. James and company, one can say he had a very good year. With Olympic Gold already around his neck, a stellar cast including free agent pickup Ray Allen (sorry Spurs fans), a 27 game winning streak, and a finals closing performance for the ages I guess the old adage the rich get richer maybe true. As the association embarks on the three year anniversary of “The Decision” guess Lebron knew what he was doing after all, with his legacy on the line, mastering of his game on and off the court, the jump from Cleveland to South Beach looks like it brought the best out of him. This doesn’t bold well for the rest of the league as Lebron is compared to MJ, fairly or unfairly what is true is Jordan’s dominance of basketball started at the same age 28. So beware Durant, Rose, and Anthony you may just end up like hall of famers’ Malone, Barkley, and Ewing to name a few who unfortunately played basketball in the era of Jordan and went title-less. There is only a small window of hope for some players as The Decision 2.0 looms around the corner, maybe James makes the jump to help one of them out and further solidify his greatness. One can dream.