Only Fitting!!

April 18, 2013 in Sports

Boston Bruins win, following the events that rocked the nation at the Boston marathon. Which shows what sports truly embodies at lest for a night. As salaries get ridiculous year after year, records and names tarnished with HGH, and loose references to war and battle to describe a child’s game. We see on this night the real essence of sports played by grown men, the game for a brief moment serves us as a distraction from day to day worries, sorrows, and numbness. The people of Boston and all the families who are victims won’t forget the blatant disregard for life shown to us. But as the fans sang the National Anthem we remember why we are Americans, why we won’t flinch at acts of cowardliness, why we salute the flag, and our brave men and women in service. This night became an event to remember and unite, the victory was just a bonus.