Kobe Who? Can this be Dwight Howard’s time to shine?

April 18, 2013 in Sports

Can the Los Angeles Lakers say thank you to the Utah Jazz. With the Jazz losing earlier in the night, the lakers we guaranteed a playoff birth, with a victory over the Houston Rockets they actually improved their playoff position. Moving up to the 7th seed facing the formidable San Antonio Spurs. This postseason Howard hopes to put the Lakers on his broad shoulders and try to prove he can not only step in The Black Mamba’s shoes but those of Laker great big men. If your like me I think he won’t show up, the pressure and the overall greatness of the Spurs who have something to prove this year will stifle any imagined glory by any member of the Los Angeles franchise. So let’s wait and see just as Mr. Bean Bryant is doing, hoping a mess isn’t made of all the hard work he put in this season.