The Association

April 29, 2013 in Sports


As Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards, sets the sports world upside down all I ask is, has he really? With 42 The Jackie Robinson movie in theaters, congress having heard arguments on Defense Of Marriage Act, and legalization of gay marriage are we surprised that an athlete has come out publicly about his sexual preference. Hasn’t sports mirrored societies changing climate faster then the majority or laws would like. It seems like just yesterday Brittney Griner came out that she was gay and I don’t think ESPN or CNN for that matter covered it in mass. Is this a mark for civil rights or gender equality, will the doubters naturally say yeah he came out but we need a star athlete to justify this movement. Well I say thank you Jason no matter what the motives were for sharing your personal life with the world, we all know it took a lot of courage in the face of the culture of the sport you play in. Maybe just maybe your mark will not only be felt in the “Association” but in the AAU leagues, college universities, homes where you have become the first to take the spotlight. The hard slide into second base, the refusal to give your seat up on the bus, so someone else won’t have to face it alone. Their will be a time when like now we can say there is things we take for granted and one day this too will fall into a footnote in time as we continue to grow as a society an new barriers arise to be challenged. History will be thanking you for reminding everyone that your not Jason Collins That basketball player, your just Jason Collins who happened to play basketball.