1/2 of 90’s Rap Group “Kriss Kross” has Passed Away

May 1, 2013 in News

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Chris Kelly, 34, of the 90′s Hip-Hop group, Kriss Kross, was pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center around 8 p.m. eastern (5/01/2013), according to FOX4kc.com.

Though the cause of death has yet to be confirmed it is speculated that he suffered from a drug overdose of a combination of heroin and cocaine.  Kriss Kross was founded by  Music Producer Jermaine Dupri after seeing the 2 kids in an Atlanta shopping mall.  He would later sign them to a record deal and produce the ground breaking hip hop duo known for wearing there clothes backwards, a style that became popular during the groups heyday (early 90’s). Chris was found in his Atlanta home around 4:30pm by his cousin and was unresponsive.  After being rushed to the hospital he was pronounced dead at 5:00pm. Chris will be missed and we appreciate all they did for the sophomore years of hip hop.