Matchup in Jeopardy??

May 6, 2013 in Sports


The Knicks face their biggest competition, in the Indiana Pacers. You say really Triple Threat, why is that?? Well the Knick nation has their eyes set on the Eastern Conference Finals and a matchup with The Miami Heat but let’s be realistic for a moment. The Boston Celtics set in motion the defense that is being played against the Knicks and especially concerning their star player Carmelo Anthony. With the victory in game one by the Pacers one can’t help but see the similarities to the last series, and if these Knicks want to envision a grander stage to showcase their talents. It’s starts here, in round two not with Melo but his supporting cast, who can’t afford to show their age, immaturity, and inability to take the pressure off their star. Not just in the sense of points which never hurt but through mental toughness which in the NBA Playoff can carry mediocre teams to dream big and this Knicks team is far from mediocre. As the wise Stephen A. Smith says “Big plays by big-time players in big-time games”.