Rappers Losing Endorsements Over Song Lyrics

May 6, 2013 in News



Its evident that dropping a famous person from a promotions contract for negative publicity is good PR for any company, so much so that it may  do as much as having that person promote your product in the first place.  In recent news we’ve heard that Pepsi/Mountain Dew has dropped lil Wayne as an endorser for recent song lyrics and most publicized Reebok has dropped Rick Ross from there endorsement contract for UNEO verse (rape lyrics).

If a company is tapping an artist it is because that company wants to reach that artists fan base and the fan base is there because of the artists content.  But if an artist with an endorsement deal must now curtail they art content to continue to appease the company offering the sponsorship deal they may loose their fan base because the quality of their material has changed, then the artist loses the fan base and consequently the artist will lose the endorsement.  Honestly would anyone not purchase a Pepsi or Reebok sneakers because the spokesperson has offensive material in their music?