Will The real Kevin Durant please stand up?

May 11, 2013 in Sports

Oklahoma Thunder lost game two last night, not because of lack of effort but on the merits that Batman (Kevin Durant) is missing his Robin (Russell Westbrook). For all those who think KD can carry a team by himself were given a rude awaking by the Houston Rockets and their collection of team first players. When the aging Derick Fisher is the second leading scorer on a team full of talented 20 something’s there is a problem that OKC needs to address. Lacking the help his perennial Allstar provides, Durant’s killer instinct has to be called into question, is it on par with with Mr. Bryant, King James, or dare I even say Manu? These two rounds of NBA Playoff games have been by far the most exciting in recent memory, names are being created, talent level showcased to another level, and hearts being broken. It would be an interesting story line if exiled James Harden is able to carry his team past his former team and the only other superstar able to lay claim to the best in the league. Will the real Kevin Durant please stand up?