How the Young Have Fallen.

May 7, 2013 in Sports

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The Golden State Warriors, the darlings of these NBA Playoffs looked real good for 44 minutes last night. While the San Antonio Spurs looked their age. The Warriors ran circles around them, Stephen Curry lived up to his Pistol Pete Maravich qualities, electrifying and stunning the home crowd, with passes threaded in a fine needle, shots from near half court that would have made Reggie Miller proud. But just like all Cinderella’s the clock struck midnight and the night began to unravel leading well into the early morning. The Spurs showed why experience trumps youth. The ageless Spurs were consistent, Duncan reliable, Parker forever the floor General, and Ginobili the show stopper. While the Warriors stumbled to regain themselves and stumbled again, the inexperience of this type of playoff pressure and lack of complete chemistry with teammates did the Warriors in. It’s interesting to see how the young lions will react or will the grizzled veterans have their way?