New Immigration Bill: Help for all the Enrique Journey Travelers

May 8, 2013 in News



As the United States Congress focuses on immigration reform, millions are still being deported and being held in Immigration Detention Facilities while thousands still risk their lives each and every day to reach America. Now those who are here illegally or those that have already been deported and haven’t been convicted of a felony or 3 misdemeanors or those that have a spouse, children who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Resident Card holders may be allowed to stay and/or re-enter the U.S. With this amendment in the current bill before Congress, the inclusion of this measure will face many challenges not just in Congress but in public opinion. Is this special treatment for law breakers, a measure to regain lost tax revenue and can this current job climate handle such an influx. Perhaps this is a humanitarian measure to reunite families, provide added security to our boarders, a way to save countless lives, limbs, and prevent sexual assaults that occur on the journey to the promise land. Just as the Dream Act faced its critics and it’s watered down enactment, ObamaCare with it’s detractors and inevitable tinkering, comprehensive immigration reform will face similar if not worst scrutiny. Whatever the final outcome, passing a resolution on this matter not only makes sense now, but as America continues to spread its ideologies globally and flex its might. Lets continue to be the world leader in change, tolerance, and equality as we see ourselves and not surrender to inactivity. Or the contradictions the global world holds us to, on this issue of Immigration Equality lets hold it self evident that future generations will look to us as saviors of little Enrique’s not just as readers of the novel by Sonia Nazario.