Bank Employee Accidentally Transfers Millions of Dollars

June 11, 2013 in Life and Times, News



An a employee at a German bank payed the price for sleeping on the job by being terminated.  This is a small price to pay considering he was actually terminated for accidentally transferring millions of dollars to a retiree’s bank account.  The worker was supposed to transfer about 62.40 to the account in question but accidentally fell a sleep on his keyboard, his head resting on the 2 button which consequently transferred 222 million euro ($293 million).  The case was brought to court by another employee who was supposed to supervise the transaction but let the mistake go unnoticed.  The supervisor was fired but believing he was wrongfully terminated, brought the case to court in order to be reinstated at the bank.  The judge ruled that the man should have his job back.  No word on what happened to the sleeping banker after being fired.

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