Pregnant Boy Images Used to Deter Teen Pregnancy

June 11, 2013 in Life and Times, News

teen pregnancy

The city of Chicago’s Department of health has launched an ad campaign aimed at young teens in attempt to scare them out of having sex at a young age, which may lead to teen pregnancy.  The Images of pregnant teenage boys has been put up at many locations around the city.  CDPH Commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair. “These ads work to increase education and awareness which will in turn help reduce the number of teenage pregnancies in Chicago.” Chicago’s teen birth rate decreased 33 percent, but it’s still one of the highest in the nation.

( Reports: From 2000 to 2008, there was a 25% decline in the birth rate for Chicago’s teens ages 15–19 (fig. 1). However, Chicago’s teen birth rate has consistently exceeded the statewide and national rates during the past eight years. In 2008, the Chicago rate was 57% higher than the U.S. rate. The declining trend masks huge racial and ethnic disparities. In 2007 (the most recent year Chicago birth statistics are available for by race/ethnicity), the live birth rate among Black and Hispanic/Latino teens ages 15–19 years are 6.9 and 6.1 times higher than among Whites. Over 95% of Chicago’s teen births in 2007 occurred among Black and Hispanic/Latina females.  These ads are gaining attention on social media sites, some posting the pictures as humorous other people are discussing this matter seriously using #unexpected.



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