“Home Grown” Terror

April 19, 2013 in News

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As law enforcement begin bringing those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing to justice, the evidence becomes clearer that before this incident the suspects were ordinary citizens like you and I just walking around.  First thing that comes to mind as I believe it will come to everyone’s is why would someone commit an act of terror or seek to destroy their homeland.  To cause chaos in your native country in some ways may be interpreted as self-destructive behavior. Whatever the explanation for their actions I dont expect it to make sense to anyone else but themselves, as people who hate are often unreasonable.  What is the reason, why do this, was there no other way???  As a US citizen I have often criticized my homeland as I’m sure everyone has yet being able to do so is proof that this place is a great place to be.  Rather than criticize we must become better citizens to improve our overall well being, and as citizens when angered with the system or the state of things, just do what the rest of us do…Blog