“Stop Snitchin” is the US Gov Official Standpoint

April 23, 2013 in News


If we take a look at the lives of those who have blown the whistle on corporate or political conspiracy needless to say none have retired happily into the life of a moral hero and spent the rest of their lives on book tours and talk show circuits.  Frank Wills (Watergate Security Guard) won a NAACP award but got only (allegedly) a $2 a week raise for alerting the police to a break-in.  History is full of incidences in which those who blew the whistle on misconduct and illegal activities faced retaliation.  In 2007 during his first few days as a rookie New Jersey State Trooper, Justin Hopson witnessed an unlawful arrest and false report made by his training officer. When he refused to testify in support of the illegal arrest, his life veered into a dangerous journey of hazing and harassment. He uncovered evidence of a secret society within the State Police known as the Lords of Discipline, whose mission it was to keep fellow troopers in line.  Doing the right thing will always raise a moral dilemma but nowadays it will also raise concern for your safety. 

For a list of major whistleblowers: http://shar.es/JUkeb